As an author, program developer, and survivor of a TBI, multiple physical injuries and loss of language, I am excited to share with you write4health’s poem-making apothecary, clinics, salons, books and tools. Poem-making Apothecary NEW in 2020, will run primarily in Alberta in the Foothills at libraries, parks, elder groups, and in homes. To book a Circle contact: writingmybrain@gmail.com 

In any apothecary, clinic or salon participants will use practices, exercises, activities and strategies to get down on paper what is already known from inside out. Sometimes in our busy lives it is hard to take time out for ourselves and find a practice that serves our schedules, and enhances our physical and mental health. Laughter and connections guaranteed.

For more information on apothecaries, clinics or salons please download   

Apothecary pdf

Clinics-Salons info sheet    


This site shares

  •  write4health self-help tools & practices for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual mindbody health and wellness.
  •  My blog writingmybrain.wordpress.com posts monthly and shares writing practices to readers
  • Books: Writing My Brain, Possibility PLAYbook and several poetry books
  • Cards: Optimism Cards, Vision Cards
  • Children’s Books (stories for the grandchildren)
  • Sample audio readings; excerpts from larger works, works in process, my story, and my general passion for writing and communications.
  • An award winning journalism program for youth (grades 4-12) engaging youth in their community. This six workshop process ran in schools for over fifteen years and internationally with outcomes printed in magazines and comic books written by and for youth

Please click through the materials; send me questions, queries and feedback via writingmybrain@gmail.com, or the contact page here on the write4health website. I always welcome feedback, good, bad and indifferent, and honour your time taken.

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