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Writing for me has always been a tool. The act of writing allows me to give voice to my inner workings, provide openings for personal creative release, a time to engage in simple practice, and an opportunity to navigate emotional landscapes at my own pace.

This particularly came to the fore in 2007 when I was informed by medical entourages that I may never walk, read or write again. Somewhere inside a very battered and bruised brain, and broken body, and with support from family, friends and experts it was a story I declined.

It was through struggles, wins, loses and many, many hours of practice, redo’s and reframes, I picked up a pen and began to write one word at a time to make sense of what my life had become.

I was propelled forward by an axiom—if not now, when? I simply had to find a way out of the physical and mental hiccups and drawbacks I encountered.  Writing slowly, very slowly became my tool again.

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